UTA Rest in the Community

We love talking to the public about the beauties and mysteries of science! Below are some of our groups events.

DFW Tap Talks

Tap Talks is a series of science talks for the general public, held once per month on Friday nights. The UTA Rest group runs Tap Talks with support from the University of Texas at Arlington College of Science.

Find more information about DFW Tap Talks here, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

High Energy and Nuclear Physics Summer Camp

Each summer we run a two-week commuter camp for high school students in the DFW area who are excited to learn about high energy and nuclear physics. We invite experts in the field to give lectures on state-of-the-art particle physics and cosmology topics, tour the cutting edge physics research laboratories at UTA, and guide students through analysis of real data from particle physics experiments, recreating Nobel-Prize winning discoveries.

Information about last years camp can be found here.

For this years camp, advertisements will be distributed to DFW area high schools. If you are interested in attending in 2020, please contact us here.