Interested in joining us?

If you are interested in working with the UTA-Rest group, please email

Graduate Opportunities

The UTA REST group is recruiting one to two new graduate students in 2020-2021.

We have projects available on the development of barium tagging; construction of NEXT-100 and development of the ton-scale NEXT program; and gas mixture and readout R&D for time projection chamber detectors. Graduate students working with us also have the opportunity to work on topics in neutrino phenomenology, and the exploration of new experimental methods for neutrino physics and rare event searches. See the Our Projects page for more information on our research interests.

If you will complete your undergraduate degree soon and might be interested (or just curious), please send us an email at the address above.

Applying to UTA

For links to information on how to apply to UTA at either graduate or undergraduate level, see this page

We are firmly committed to diversity, and to ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment for physicists with all backgrounds and beliefs. Our group created the “All Wavelengths and Polarizations are Welcome Here” sticker campaign, which you will see around the Physics department at UTA, to convey these commitments.