Our team has won many awards and scholarships in the last few years, here are a few!


  • Grant Parker, Ben Smithers, and Ibrahim Safa (alum): IceCube Impact Award 2020
  • Nick Byrnes: Texas APS Student Presentation Award
  • Ben Smithers: Texas APS Student Presentation Award
  • Nick Byrnes (Graduate Student): University Scholars Endowed Fellowship for the 2020-2021 year
  • Nick Byrnes (Graduate Student): James L. Horwitz Physics Scholarship Fund
  • Jackie Baeza-Rubio (Undergraduate): B. Cecil and Jo Thompson Undergraduate Physics Scholarship (UTA)
  • Jackie Baeza-Rubio (Undergraduate): Won three awards from the McNair program at UTA: McNair scholar Fellowship, Kathryn Head Scholarship Endowment, and the Best Paper Scholarship
  • Jackie Baeza-Rubio (Undergraduate): IME BECAS & HACEMOS Dallas scholarship (Communidades Consulado de Mexico en Dallas)
  •  Leslie Rogers (Graduate Student): Truman D. Black Endowed Scholarship in Physics (UTA)
  • Logan Norman (Undergraduate): B. Cecil and Jo Thompson Undergraduate Physics Scholarship (UTA)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): Dr. John L. Fry Endowment for the Department of Physics (UTA)
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  • Austin McDonald (Graduate Student): GIRA Instrumentation Award Honorable Mention, from the Coordinating Panel for Advanced Detectors
  • Nick Byrnes (Graduate Student): ACES Poster Prize (UTA College of Science ACES symposium)
  • Nick Byrnes (Graduate Student): APS Travel Award (American Physical Society)
  • Ryne Dingler (Undergraduate): Kathryn Head Scholarship Award, from the UTA McNair Program
  • Leslie Rogers (Graduate Student): Jack R. Maquis Scholarship (UTA)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): Travel Award, Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Symposium (Department of Physics, Rice University)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): Richard Jack Marquis Physics Scholarship Fund (Department of Physics, UTA)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): H.A.D. Dunsworth Scholarship (Department of Mathematics, UTA)


  • David Nygren (Professor): Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award from the IEEE
  • Leslie Rogers (Graduate Student): Judith R Carrier Award from Arlington Chamber of Commerce
  • Ben Jones (Professor): University of Texas at Arlington Outstanding Research Award (UTA)
  • Ryne Dingler (Undergraduate): Cecil Thompson Award (UTA), McNair Scholarship (McNair Program)
  • Austin McDonald (Graduate Student): Horowitz Physics Scholarship (UTA)
  • Nick Byrnes (Graduate Student): The Michael and Wanda Ray Fellowship for the 2018-2019 Academic Year
  • Bernadette Duhan (Undergraduate): Maquis Scholarship (UTA)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): Cecil  & Jo Thompson Scholarship, (Department of Physics, UTA)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): John A Gardner Scholarship (Department of Mathematics, UTA)


  • Ben Jones (Professor): Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Dissertation Award (American Physical Society)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): Sheri Schember Quick and James Campbell Quic Endowment (University College, UTA)
  • Akshat Tripathi (Undergraduate): Outstanding Undergraduate Presentation Award (Texas Section of the American Physical Society)