Research Project

      During this camp, you will be recreating the discovery of the Z Boson using real data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider  and a coding program by the name of “Python.”

      The Z Boson is one of the 16 elementary particles in the Standard Model. Click here to learn more about the Z Boson and the particles it interacts with. You can also click here to learn more about CERN and the LHC.Standard Model

      Unless you are familiar with coding in a different coding language, Python might be hard for you. But, you do not need to have any Coding experience in order to complete this task. However, you can click here if you want some extra practice, or are interested in learning (or mastering) Python code.

      Code Academy’s Python course is free and it starts from the basics. If you believe learning to code in Python will only be needed for this camp, you are wrong. Python can be used to build web applications, control missiles, and program complicated physics experiments. Hopefully this encourages you to continue trying Python. Happy coding!


Resource (Symmetry Magazine)

During previous summer camps, many students had interests in the subjects we were covering during the exercises and asked for extra resources. Symmetry is a joint Fermilab and SLAC publication. If you ever find yourself searching for a topic, being confused by a concept, or simply being bored, Symmetry is a good place to start your search. The articles are usually short and an easy read, so the general audience can understand it. One can click here to visit the online magazine.

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