Practical Information

       The map below shows the location of the parking lot and the lecture building.  Please arrive at 8.45am each day. In the case of problems or emergencies, please contact Asst. Prof. Ben Jones on 630 423 1833, or      Lectures will be held in the UTA Fine Arts Building, Room 2102A.  Practicals will be in the computer room of Fine Arts 412.   Lab tours will be made to various particle research facilities across campus, escorted by UTA researchers.    On the first day of the camp, students should come to the front doors of the Architecture building on W Nederman Drive.  Greeters will be present to the building to guide attendees to the lecture rooms.      Parking is available in UTA Lot T, as well as other designed lots, marked in purple below.  A parking pass MUST BE OBTAINED ONLINE for the specific vehicle being parked on campus. Failure to obtain a pass, or use of non-allocated parking is very likely to result in a parking ticket from UTA police.


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